Welcome to the web site!

Research, design, creation and maintenance of dynamic web sites and web applications according to your requirements.
  • determining the purpose of the site/application
  • clarification of the concept
  • specifying content and functionality
  • responsive design creation
  • HTML and CSS codes validation
  • designing the database
  • programing code writing
  • satisfying the criteria for a well-structured code
  • using techniques for protection against web attacks
Usual website elements:
  • user modules: Registration, Login/Logout, Profile, Forgot Password
  • forms for data input, validation
  • CAPTCHA check to prevent from bots
  • email notifications for events
  • multilingual user interface
  • search and filter records in database
  • reports from the database
  • rating system
  • content management system
  • SEO techniques
  • SEF URLs
During the development, the site/application will be installed on our web server on the Internet. This will allow you to see the progress, make test and comment.